PEOPLEBRANDCIRCLESAmazing creative, dazzling websites and strong PR  are just parts of the equation.

It is critical to “bridge the trust gap” between you and your customers. Consumers want more than just products and services that fulfill their needs.  They want to be a part of something bigger.  Traditional brand development processes only communicate the brand message, but they miss what it takes to deliver the brand to the customer: the right people.

Seamlessly integrating your brand strategy with your business model, which overlays your talent management strategy is the formula for success behind Brand + People.   We’ve partnered with the top talent management company in the world, and can provide clients with complete HR consulting services.   We’ll help you every step of the way – from analysis and planning; to vision, design and implementation.

The company with the best talent and brand perception in any marketspace will become the dominant player and achieve brand superiority.  So, creating a world-class brand that is attractive; that grabs attention and is pervasive; and puts the best talent in place in every area to support it will ensure that your company achieves marketplace, product and thought leadership.

In today’s economy, your people are THE key differentiator in a marketplace full of identical competitors.

What We Don’t Do

Brand + People is not a traditional branding, positioning or marketing process.   Traditional branding is divorced from the people.   The traditional approach is all about the products and services; the words, pictures, websites, packaging and images.  We deliver those things, but they don’t make a market-leading brand.     

A brand will succeed or fail at the point of delivery: the people.  In the traditional workplace or company environment, different people come from different places to a common place, and work as a team to accomplish something; to produce a result.  When everyone agrees and it works, it works fairly well.  But when conflict or problems happen, dysfunction occurs. 

Who Needs Brand+People?

Employer branding is critically important.   To attract the top talent, you must first be recognized as an employer of choice by the top talent in your industry.  College graduates, recruiters, experts, the media, industry influencers – and high-potential employees must know about you.  It’s a fact: many of the people you want are not looking for a job; they are currently employed.  So being known as a thought leader, in addition to being the most desirable employer of choice and the place where great people work in your marketspace, is the key to being known by the best and brightest talent.  And great people attract other great people.  Your organization must articulate this message at every touchpoint in the marketplace.

Talent Management Is The Key

High potential employees seek opportunities to develop and advance in their careers.  Employers want to identify the right person for the job, make sure they are a perfect ‘fit’ for their position and help them develop in their career.  A smart talent management strategy ensures that your organization will serve its customers well, retain its best employees and maintain high levels of productivity and engagement.  This formula works well, from frontline employee to C-Suite executive.  In bringing your brand to the marketplace, your people ARE your brand and your most important asset.  

Talent management must be seamlessly connected to your employer brand.  Brand + People will help you make this all-important connection and build a market dominating brand.

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